Pilot Units, Scalability and Performance

Enhanced Biofuels is currently operating two fully automated pilot units with nominal capacities of 3,000 gpy and 250,000 gpy. These pilot units have a nearly 100:1 scale-up factor which is accepted as good engineering practice to ensure further scalability. Of the feedstocks tested, Enhanced Biofuels chose four representative renewable feedstocks to demonstrate and optimize the HS Reactor System™ feedstock flexibility capability. These feedstocks span the full spectrum from refined vegetable oil (0% FFA) to industrial waste (100% FFA).

Additionally, model feeds made up of middle distillate and naphthenic acid (to model a high acid crude with a TAN of 10) were tested showing a reduction in TAN of 80%.

The HS Reactor System™ uses a methanol ratio between 4 and 9 depending on feedstock. Other competing technologies with similar benefits require methanol ratios between 25 and 42.

Feedstock Typical FFA Range Source Result
Tall Oil Fatty Acid 100% Non-Food Pulp & Paper Waste Successful
Yellow Grease 0% - 20% Restaurant Waste Successful
Lard 0% - 15% Animal Fat Successful
Canola 0% Vegetable Oil Successful