Innovations & Benefits

The HS Reactor System™ can process and upgrade feedstock with free fatty acid (FFA) and/or carboxylic acid (CA), including naphthenic acid, content of up to 100% in a cost effective fashion. No other technology can effectively match this performance.

The system can be cost effectively integrated or co-located as an add-on to existing industrial operations to leverage infrastructure, and increase production flexibility and profitability.

The HS Reactor System™ enables process companies such as conventional refiners, alternative fuel refiners, ethanol producers, edible oil and palm oil refiners, pulp and paper and crude tall oil operators, rendering facilities, and even biodiesel producers to convert their low value high acidity feedstock into higher value refinery feed and advanced biofuels. Furthermore, the HS Reactor System™ can be economically installed from small to large scale with reasonable capital investment because of its streamlined equipment design. This provides greater optionality to all types of refiners.