Enhanced Biofuels is a Houston based technology development and licensing company. The company is comprised of seasoned professionals with distinguished and proven track records in process and chemical engineering, project management and business development.

Enhanced Biofuels is currently operating two fully automated pilot units with nominal capacities of 3,000 gpy and 250,000 gpy. State of the art process simulator CHEMCAD is utilized for optimization and scale-up.


The HS Reactor System™ uses a proprietary process and internals which accelerate the reaction without the use of a caustic or acid based catalyst. This novel approach has the following additional characteristics:

  • Unique reactor design
  • Compact
  • Robust 
  • Single step, continuous process


Enhanced Biofuels commercialization efforts includes add-ons and retrofits of existing conventional and alternative fuel refiners, biodiesel and ethanol producers, pulp & paper (tall oil fatty acid) palm oil (palm fatty acid distillate) processors and rendering facilities with complementary infrastructure for the production of advanced biofuels and refinery feed.


Enhanced Biofuels intends to leverage its novel proprietary technologies and knowledge base to establish the necessary business relationships and strategic alliances to support the commercialization efforts of the HS Reactor System™.


The background of the members includes two chemical engineers, each with 20+ years of experience in process development and optimization within the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries; one biologist with extensive knowledge in analytical chemistry and pilot unit design, construction, and operation; and one entrepreneur with a strong operational and strategic base, who founded and operated several start-ups.