Enhanced Biofuels' technology can process and upgrade high acidity feedstock into advanced biofuel and refinery feed


The  HS Reactor System™ successfully addresses the key challenges faced by conventional and alternative fuel refiners and feedstock owners seeking to process and upgrade high acity feedstock in a cost effective manner: 
Expensive and limited feedstock
Costly feed pre-treatment
Expensive to process
Difficult to store and transport

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Innovations and Benefits

The HS Reactor System™ is able to process and upgrade high acidity feedstock into advanced biofuels and refinery feed

This feedstock has been virtually untapped by the conventional and alternative fuel industries due to technological limitations.

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Technology Implementation

The HS Reactor System™ can be cost effectively integrated or co-located as an add-on to existing conventional or alternative fuel refineries to leverage infrastructure, reduce cost and increase flexibility and profitability.

Enhanced Biofuels is currently operating two fully automated pilot units with nominal capacities of 3,000 gpy and 250,000 gpy.

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